Prince Alexander

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1750 AD to 1900 AD


14″ (35.6cm) high x 12.25″ (31.1cm) wide





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At the center of this very lovely icon stands the much-adored Prince Alexander (“Nevsky”). He is portrayed as both a great military leader and a saint; a national hero who won a crucial battle against the Crusaders, and a “Savior” who was believed to be divinely inspired by God. In the back row we see, from left to right, the prophet Isaiah, St. Xenia, Prince Michael and St. Andrew. Four important personages flank Prince Alexander. Dressed in a radiant flowing robe is St. Mary Magdalen holding a cup symbolizing the Eucharist. Next to her St. Olga holds the cross as emblem of death and resurrection. One of the first Russian Christians Olga was also a talented politician who paved the way for the Christianizing of Russia. St. George is at the left of Alexander, carrying a spear to demonstrate his ability to protect the nation. With the Holy Bible in one hand St. Nicholas offers his blessings, dressed in very beautiful vestments. This icon represents not only a “holy” scene, but also a grouping of individuals who played a significant part in Russian history, both in a temporal and a sacred context.

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