Polychrome Sculpture of a Seated Woman

SKU PF.3737

1 AD to 500 AD


5″ (12.7cm) high x 3.625″ (9.2cm) wide




Costa Rica

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The fertility Goddess has always been a symbol of beauty that has been revered since the dawn of time. For many such figurines meant luck as well as fruitfulness. In the past, these figurines have come in many shapes and sizes, yet all of them have a distinct uniqueness about them. The body itself remains rather simple, but anatomically correct. Her hands are placed squarely on her thighs, which are spread out to reveal her female genitalia. The body decoration accentuates the beautiful, highly glazed burnished red that is smooth to the touch. Her face is expressive, with large eyes and other prominent features. The figurine wears no jewelry, yet with such intricate body decoration, none is needed. Though fertility symbols vary slightly in design, they all have the same function that is absolutely Universal. Although they are not used as much any more, they were considered crucial in the successful creation and furthering of life. Such reliance on these pieces has given them great power and presence which is steadfast, and can even be seen today.

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