Zoomorphic Effigy Vessel

SKU PF.3873

100 AD to 500 AD


16″ (40.6cm) high




Costa Rica

Gallery Location

S Korea


This curious sculpture is a combination of many ideas, yet combines together to create a true work of art. The bat is a more common idea in the sculptural art of Costa Rica, where fruit bats can be found. However, based on the features that are given, it seems that this is in actuality a human being dressed in a bat costume, perhaps for a ritual ceremony. The giant wings are present, as are two children who are resting on his shoulders. The children however, have more reptilian features whereas the parent has more human and even jaguar features in the face. The beautiful monochrome red slip and the simple geometric incisions help us to concentrate more on the subject matter and less on the decoration. The total work of art is indeed a beautiful combination of many factors, from the imagination of a wonderful artist who was able to create a timeless piece for the pleasure of many generations to come.

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