Yoruba Wooden Ceremonial Staff

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19th Century AD to 20th Century AD


45″ (114.3cm) high x 7.375″ (18.7cm) wide





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S Korea


Elegantly decorated, this beautiful staff was an important part of numerous ceremonies. The two figures on the top portion of the staff represent two Yoruba deities of high importance, commanding great respect. These deities would act as protectors and defenders; therefore, very important not only to the owner of the staff but also to the entire village. The powers of the gods had tremendous influence on the people of the society, controlling their every move, like the sun, moon, and weather. Such power demanded the respect of the followers, which was readily given.

The lower portion of the staff is hollowed, displaying a series of four wooden balls. These would ultimately make a distinctive sound with every subtle movement. This sound reverberating throughout a ceremony would create a tremendous reaction due to its importance. The staff in its entirety has been beautifully hand crafted with great attention to detail, particularly to the male and female deities for whom the ceremony was created. This staff is only one portion of a very important ceremony. With such beauty in just one piece one can imagine how beautiful the rest of the ceremony proceedings might be.

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