Yoruba Linked Pair of Brass Edan Sculptures

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19th Century AD to 20th Century AD


8.25″ (21.0cm) high x 1.125″ (2.9cm) wide




Southwestern Nigeria

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S Korea


The edan are bronze paired male and female heads or figures linked by a chain. They are a crucial part of the Osugbo society, representing primordial ancestors. The Osugbo includes the eldest and wisest male and female elders in a community. The society makes judicial decisions, serves as a court of appeal, and administers punishment. Whenever a new member is initiated, an edan is made, which can be displayed in public and even worn for special purposes. In this pair the male appears to be on the right, and the female at left. The joining of the chain at the head is very important as the head is regarded as the dwelling place of the spiritual essence of a person. The bulbous eyes, intense stare and finely delineated features are characteristic of the edan. This handsome pair was once an essential part of Yoruba life, venerated for its power as much as we admire it for its artistry

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