Volcanic Stone Standing Female Figure

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1000 AD to 1500 AD


21″ (53.3cm) high




Costa Rica

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S Korea


When Christopher Columbus discovered Costa Rica in 1502, he found a “High land, with many rivers and full of tall trees.” The Spanish admired the natives, their intriguing customs and splendid works of art, including their extraordinary stonework. A prime example of that stone artistry can be seen in this rendering of a female figure, sculpted from a single piece of volcanic stone. Standing before us, she addresses the world through a spirited face filled with an expression of transcendent serenity. At the same time each of her hands softly cups a shapely breast, focusing our rapt attention on her female attributes, the characteristics that symbolize fertility and sexuality. Perhaps this female figure represented to the Ancient Costa Ricans the eternal mother Goddess, source of life and perpetual renewal. Whatever her previous function, the spirited presence of this powerful female figure continues to captivate us, her eternal powers forever satisfying.

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