Veracruz Terracotta Incencario Depicting the Fire God Huehueteotl

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500 AD to 900 AD


18″ (45.7cm) high





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Everything about this figure burns with heated tension. The position he is sitting in exemplifies the ritual at hand. He is engaged in thought and concentration to perform the task called upon. This object d'art was an incense burner. So when in uses the smoke would seep out the top of the head and nose creating a very powerful presence in deed. He is dressed in stylistic clothes. The headdress and cloth worn around the waist are decorated in patterns associated with this God. The most striking feature is the expression of his mouth. The magical movements of his pose makes one feel that they can actually hear him chanting a mystical prayer. This quality along with his sloping shoulders and one exposed breast gives this God the name it justly deserves. He is Huehueteotl, a powerful emissary of fire and light, the God from Mexico.

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