Veracruz Terracotta Fragment of a Woman’s Head

SKU F.0360

600 AD to 800 AD


8.75″ (22.2cm) high




Veracruz, Mexico

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The broad face of this head shows an open mouth with full ‘flesh’ lips, well formed triangular shaped nose nearly touching the upper lip, and narrow almond-shaped eyes. Gracefully formed eyebrows in slight relief join at the ends with the corners of a covering over the vroad incised horizontal band of the headdress, which is vordered top and bottom by rows of appliqued circles. Around the neck is a heavy doubled banded necklace, and attached to the right side is an ornamental rectangular extention with a minkey head in the center. The individual portrayed, whether male or frmale, appears to be someone of high rank, most likely a priest/priestess. Expressing both dignity and sensuality, this bust is remarkable for its beauty and very real human quality With her eyes half-closed and her mouth half- open, this haunting round faced woman appears to be in a religious trance. The meticulous details of her costume contrast with the smooth features of her face, an approach typical of classic Veracruz sculpture. Are her visions peaceful or dark? Her features betray no clue– she is beyond the reach of the world.

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