Underglaze Painted Bowl

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1300 AD to 1400 AD


3.75″ (9.5cm) depth


Glazed Earthen ware


Central Asia

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A Timurid underglaze painted pottery bowl of rounded form, decorated in cobalt blue, black and turquoise, the centre radiating outwards in panels filled with foliage, dots and abstract motifs. The rim with a solid border in black, the exterior with radiating palmettes.

Ceramics of this type have been found in various locations in Eastern Iran and Central Asia.For comparative material see: James Allan, Islamic Ceramics in Eastern ceramics and Other works of Art from the Collection of Gerald Reitlinger, Oxford, 1981: p.115, nos.325-327; and Oliver Watson, Ceramics, Islamic Art in the Keir Collection, London 1988: pp.137-286, p.163, nos. C26 and C27i.

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