Terracotta Sculpture of a Kneeling Woman

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300 BC to 300 AD


24″ (61.0cm) high




Costa Rica

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Depicted in a kneeling position the woman’s legs are slightly apart to accommodate a wide loincloth striped red and white. Her hands are placed firmly on the corner of waist and thighs, her arms akimbo, her head and back very erect. The highly expressive face has appliquéd eyes, thick lips ringed in black, earspools and a thin semi-circular white line sweeping on both sides from the bridge of the nose, under the eyes, to the tip of the ears, with inverted triangles at the end. An unusual cap, (or perhaps a type of helmet), has a deep ridge down the center decorated with X’s, with circles ornamenting either side. A tight fitting necklace alternates rectangular segments with round beads. Body painting is relatively sparse, though very elegant, utilizing white slip, with the prominent breasts encircled and designs on the thighs and upper arms. Given the stately posture, intense eyes and ritual nature of ornamentation, this woman is most likely a high-ranking priestess/shaman depicted in a position of paying homage to a higher force– either a king or gods. Her nobility and dignity of demeanor combined with superb artistry places this sculpture among the most profound and beautiful yet discovered from Costa Rica’s ancient past. – (PF.4355)

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