Terracotta Polychrome Vessel

SKU PF.3775

500 AD to 800 AD


21.25″ (54.0cm) high




Costa Rica (Guanacaste Nicoya)

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No artifact can be as striking as a large vessel in the shape of a vicious bat with its wingspan only partially displayed and its sharp fangs protruding. The orange-red monochrome slip allows the sculptural features of the vessel to be seen in plain view, allowing us to focus on the sculptural techniques of the artist. The piercing eyes are hidden under dark and heavy brows while in the center of the stomach of the animal is a circular geometric pattern of an unknown origin. The vessel itself is supported by three supports. Two are the legs of the animal and the third is the tail. Though bats are generally known in the area of Costa Rica, the vessel still shows the incredible force and formidable power of the animal kingdom.

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