Terracotta Incense Burner

SKU PF.3657

500 AD to 1100 AD


16.5″ (41.9cm) high




Costa Rica

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Few pieces can be as striking to the eye as this incense burner. Its terracotta form has been carefully molded to achieve maximum visual impact. Its highly unusual design creates a rare and beautiful piece of art. The work itself has been divided up into two pieces in the center with intricate perforated designs decorating the surface which we created using a thumbing technique. Remnants of a red-orange slip remain throughout the entire piece, However, at the top of the vessel is an unusual reptile with crocodile features, which sits precariously on a raised platform. The tail rests on the body of the burner, as a means of steadying the sculpture. The eyes are enormous in comparison to the head, yet this animal adds a tremendous amount to the overall beauty of this work of art. – (PF.3657)

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