Teotihuacan Polychrome Cylindrical Bowl

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250 AD to 650 AD


7″ (17.8cm) high x 7.5″ (19.1cm) wide




Teotihuacan, Mexico

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The Meso-Americans, known for their advances architecture, mathematics and calendar practices, were a very evolved civilization. Their artwork was styled with grace and detail. Each piece of their artwork told a story or was symbolic of an event, elite group or ceremony. This beautiful bowl, which retains much of its paintworks, depicts the God, Tlaloc. Tlaloc, the God of rain, was associated with water and agricultural fertility. This particular bowl was in ceremonies to appease Tlaloc and bring a fine harvest to his people. The characteristic trademarks of Tlaloc can also be found wearing a headdress in the form of a bird. The range in color on this ancient work or art is stunning and explains Tlaloc’s mood when pacified or angered. From the soothing, cooling blue to the passionate, fiery colors of red and orange, this colorful piece of art expresses myth and symbol in the power of clay, color and form.

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