Standing Effigy Vessel

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300 BC to 300 AD


13″ (33.0cm) high




Costa Rica

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This beautifully designed figure is a remarkable piece that penetrates the heart. This woman is covered with an intricate pattern from head to toe and on the back of the head and shoulders as well. The most poignant feature is the hollowed out stomach. We relate this type of artistry to a fertility goddess. This vessel may have once been used to hold medicinal properties relating to women’s illnesses. Her face is very distinctly crafted. She is wearing a type of headdress that illuminates the powerful entity in which we are dealing with. The eyes appear to be probing into the illness at hand. They are pronounced by the definition of the deep grooves of the eyelids and brow. Her nose stands out, but doesn’t take away from the mouth that is partially open and contains distinct teeth. Her earlobes are pierced and her hands are firmly planted to her sides. The legs share a beautiful tribal pattern that displays the artist skill in representing symmetry. The overall quality this effigy vessel transpires is assurance and strength to the weak and ill. She is a masterpiece in design and function.

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