Silver Tetradrachm of Antiochus IV

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175 BC to 164 BC





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Mounted in a stunning 18 karat gold pendant/pin

From the date of its founding in 300 B.C. until its annexation by Pompey almost two and a half centuries later, Antioch grew to become the single most important city of the Seleucid empire. The coinage of Antioch reflects the developing focal nature of the city itself: from earl y beginnings of significant if not voluminous output, when the attention of the early Seleucid kings remained predominately fixed on the rich and densely populated territories of Asia Minor, to its zenith as the empire’s capital under Antiochus IV.

This extraordinary silver tetradrachm was minted in Antioch during the reign of Antiochus IV. One side features the diademed head of the king, facing right. The reverse bears the Greek god Zeus, enthroned, his outstretched right hand holding Nike, while the left hand grasps a scepter. Mounted in a regal gold pendant/pin, this beautiful coin is a testament to the wealth, prestige and aesthetics of ancient Antioch.

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