Silver Denarius Depicting Emperor Antoninus Pius

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136 AD


Gold, Silver



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This Genuine Ancient Coin Has Been Mounted in a Stunning Modern 18 Karat Gold RingAntoninus Pius is regarded as one of the “Five Good Emperors” in history of Rome. He was born in 86 A.D. Around 133-136, he served in Asia as proconsul, and there he earned the respect of Emperor Hadrian. After Hadrian’s return from the Jewish war, Antoninus was made a member of his council not only on grounds of friendships and family connection, but also because of his experience as a jurist and administrator. After the sudden death of Lucius Aelius Caesar, Antoninus was officially adopted by Hadrian on February 25, 138 as successor to the throne. After administering the imperial offices, Hadrian died and Antoninus became emperor. Antoninus married Faustina and they had four children: two sons and two daughters. However, only one daughter was alive at the time of his adoption by Hadrian. Later, he adopted Marcus Aurelius, who was to be the successor to his throne. In 139, he gave to Marcus the name of Caesar and made him consul designate. In 146, Aurelius was recognized as Antoninus’s colleague in rule, and the hopes of Rome and the fortunes of the dynasty rested upon him. Antoninus managed to govern the empire capably and yet with such a gentle hand that he earned the respect, acclaim, and love of his subjects.The splendor of the precious metals is allowed to shine in this ring. The natural hues of the silver and gold complement each other. In this ring, the present and the past combine. The classical reserved form of the modern ring enhances the timeless beauty and majesty of the ancient coin. To wear this ring is to reconnect with the past while continuing to look stylish in the present. – (FJ.6793)
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