Senufo Wooden Spoon with a Handle in the Form of a Woman

SKU PF.5404

20th Century AD


19″ (48.3cm) high x 5.125″ (13.0cm) wide




Northern Ivory Coast/Mali

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S Korea


A full form female figure stands upon a pedestal mount atop a long oblong stem, to which is attached the broad spoon. She has two hands placed either side of the abdomen to draw attention to the womb, and hence the procreative powers of women. Scarification includes a horizontal band with a triangular pattern above the breasts, and a pair of short horizontal bands either side of the neck in a checkerboard pattern. Her hairdo has a crested top and a tubular extension at the back, along with interesting rectangles on the sides of the head containing a chevron arrangement. Such spoons as this one were most likely used for ceremonial purposes, and are considered to be elite items.

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