Sculpted Standing Figure in Volcanic Stone

SKU PF.2417

700 AD to 1000 AD


24.375″ (61.9cm) high




Costa Rica (Atlantic Watershed)

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When Christopher Columbus discovered Costa Rica in 1502, he found a “highland with many rivers and full of tall trees”. The Spanish admired the natives, their customs and their splendid works of art, including their masterful stonework. A prime example of that artistry can be seen in this rendering of a standing figure. Carved from a single block of dark volcanic stone, this femininely shaped figure is rendered through flowing lines, strong but curved shoulders and firm body. Her lack of arms accentuates the rounded form of the shoulders, which leads the viewer’s eye towards her dreaming face. Perhaps the figure is in a trance state with mouth open and eyes heavy and drawn. Her headdress may suggest ceremonial importance while she remains in a dream state, yet somehow the figure is gracefully awake. Her expression is reminiscent of our own traveling through sleep and the delight which dreaming brings.

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