Scarab Pectoral Necklace of Tutankhamun

SKU FJ.0002

20th Century AD


67 cm x 16.5 cm





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Created in Cairo in 1969 by the Armenian master jeweler Kevork, this is a completely unique one of a kind necklace made entirely by hand. Inspired by the world renowned tomb finds of King Tutankhamun, this is a modern masterwork conceived and crafted from the design of one of histories most sought after treasures. From a-z, start to finish, it would take any master jeweller more than one year to duplicate this incomparable masterpiece. Acquired by the Barakat Family in 2004,and held in their private collection this items was only recently made available for sale.

The sacred beetle of ancient Egypt, the scarab is an emblem of the creator, Khepera. The word kepher denotes Being, Existence, Creation, or Becoming, and the god Kephera is the self-existent maker of all things. The worship of the scarab, which is symbolic of resurrection and fertility, dates from the earliest period of civilization in Egypt. Carved scarabs served two major functions: as amulets with protective and religious powers, and as personal seals, which designated the property and authority of the individual whose name was placed upon them. In both cases, the power ascribed to the scarab was very great—in life they served as the signature of their owner and were thought to bring prosperity, and in the afterlife they ensured rebirth through eternity.

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