Saint Matthew Inspired by an Angel

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1750 AD to 1900 AD


12.875″ (32.7cm) high





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Matthew was working as a tax collector for the Romans in Capernaum when he was called by Jesus to be an apostle (Matt.IX, 9). The authorship of the First Gospel was attested to him from early times. On this lovely icon Matthew is shown writing his famous work, with an angel perched above. Written on the text is a listing of the lineage of Jesus. The delicate, pastel coloration communicates a gentle quality appropriate to a much beloved saint. Broad areas of shading, and the angular folds of the garments is reminiscent of medieval painting. An overlapping of a fold of clothing over the border adds an element of perspective. The artist has managed to create a balance of great tranquility blended with fervent religious faith, seen particularly in the intensity of the saint's eyes; who seems to be divinely inspired.

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