Russian Icon of the Archangel Michael

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17th Century AD to 18th Century AD


76.50″ (194.3cm) high x 27.50″ (69.9cm) wide





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Russian icons are typically paintings on wood, often small, though. The Russian icon represents the most significant art form in Russian religious art. The technique of writing the Russian icon evolved from the Byzantine Empire. The iconographers of Russia used painters’ manuals that originated in the golden age of Byzantine art. This early religious Russian art and Byzantine art provided the foundation for the development of the secular and non-secular art.

This icon depicts the Archangel Michael, one of the most celebrated of the Angels and bodiless powers. He is known as the angel of the burning bush through which God spoke to Moses. He was responsible not only for fighting and Satan during the warm but he also leads the celestial armies. In Russian iconography, Archangel Michael is most likely to be wearing red. His head is encircled by a gold halo. In iconographic manners, gold is not considered to be a pigment or a colour, but is likened to light itself. He is depicted as winged and is shown as young, strong and handsome. He wears a coat of mail. His wings are conspicuous and grand. He holds in his hand an orb in his hands. It is believed that the orb carried by the archangel belongs to Christ and represents the kingdom of the enthroned Divine King.


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