Russian Icon Of Saint Stephen

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17th Century AD to 18th Century AD


76.50″ (194.3cm) high x 27.50″ (69.9cm) wide





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This icon depicts Saint Stephen, who was known as the protomartyr of Christianity and who is venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox Churches. He was the first of the seven deacons chosen by the Apostles to minister to the material needs of the community at a time when Christians were moved to sell their properties and bring their money to the Apostles for distribution amongst the poor. Saint Stephen wears a red cloak which is the iconic symbol of Christian martyrdom. His vestments reflect those of a deacon in the early Church. A gold halo encircles his head. In iconographic manners, gold is not considered as a colour or a pigment, but is likened to light itself. Saint Stephen holds what looks like incense in his left hand which indicates his role as deacon as well asasymbol of collective prayers of the faithful offered to god.Exhibited:'Beyond Byzantium,'New York,1996.'Iconsof Russia,'Chicago, 1995.

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