Marble Statuette of a Woman and Child

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100 AD to 300 AD


14.5″ (36.8cm) high





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S Korea


This touching marble statuette depicts a mother and her child, sat in reclined pose upon a throne. The social significance of the pose and the setting would no doubt be apparent to the Roman audience, and it is likely that the couple portrayed enjoyed a high social status; alternatively, they may be an allegory for the joys of motherhood, as maternity was a very powerful element in Roman social, moral and religious conventions. The mother is sat centrally in semi-formal pose, while her child – perched on her left knee – plays with her clothing. The drapery is very well carved, and entails a toga and headscarf arrangement (the child is naked). Detailing is very fine, small points being picked out with great precision. The contours of the child’s body are exceptionally well executed. The piece stands 14.5 high. There is minor damage to the base and the mother’s right foot, but the impressive impact of the piece is unaffected by this. This is an excellent, well-carved and well-preserved sculpture.

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