Roman Glass Vase

SKU GF.0330

100 AD to 300 AD


7″ (17.8cm) high x 3.25″ (8.3cm) wide




Eastern Mediterranean

Gallery Location

S Korea


Glass has been prized for centuries. The fine qualities the ancients enjoyed the clarity, translucency, brilliance and malleability of glass, are the same characteristics that appeal to modern aesthetics. Moreover, the passage of time has served ancient glass well for the resultant, added iridescent quality enhances its appearance, giving it an exterior finish of complex colors and textures. This delicate blown glass vase truly exemplifies both the excellent ancient artistry and the added characteristics that only time can bring. One can imagine that the artist who created this stunning vessel would be most pleased to see its subtle transformation today, just as we are pleased to behold its unique and timeless beauty.

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