Red Jasper Intaglio of the Goddess Palace Athena

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18 th Century AD


1″ (2.5cm) high


Gold, Jasper



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This Intagio Has Been Set in a Stunning 22 Karat Gold Pendant
The image of Athena, the helmeted goddess of both wisdom and war, has been carved into this precious gemstone, invoking the magnificent intaglios of antiquity. Created during the 18th Century, this pendant is the product of the Classical Revival; a period where modern Europe looked towards the past and reinterpreted the forms and arts of ancient Greece and Rome anew. Glyptics, carving images on precious stones, is one of the oldest art forms known to man. The sudden resurrection of the glyptic arts in modern Europe reveals their obsession with recreating the masterpieces of antiquity. This interest in the past is partly a product of the rapid industrial and urban growth experienced during this era. As the realities of city life sank in, surely one would longingly dream of the past and seek to rekindle the pastoral lifestyle left behind. Breakthroughs in scientific understanding and the nascent field of archaeology surely had a major influence in the popularity of the Classical Revival as well. This pendant seeks to connect us with the past. A woman wearing this lovely intaglio would inspire the majesty and beauty of the Classics while representing the divine wisdom of the goddess Athena herself. – (FJ.6652)

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