Red Jasper Bead Necklace Featuring a Silver Denarius of Roman Emperor Hadrian

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117 AD to 138 AD





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This genuine ancient Roman coin has been set in a modern 18 karat gold pendant and strung on a necklace composed of genuine red jasper beads with a 14 karat gold clasp.

The emperor Hadrian was famous for his superb taste and his appreciation of the beautiful. In his villa at Tivoli near Rome, he surrounded himself with the finest materials and rare artworks from every corner of the Roman Empire. In this elegant necklace, Hadrian is once again surrounded by eye-catching luxury. With dramatic simplicity, it blends the gleam of ancient silver with the radiance of gold and the rich glow of jasper, a stone prized for jewelry throughout antiquity. The person who wears it will be following in a long imperial tradition while setting a few fashion precendents of his or her own.

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