Rajput Kingdoms Sandstone Bust of a Man

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15 th Century AD to 16 th Century AD


13.5″ (34.3cm) high x 4.125″ (10.5cm) wide




Rajasthan, India

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Two particularly striking features of this bust are the fine coiffure and heavy necklace. The hair is coiled like rope, building upwards in a twisting spiral to the bun at the top; tilted to the left side. Facial features are carefully modelled with a large moustache extending to the middle of the cheeks. The eyes are almond shaped and very expressive, as are the creases in the forehead; indicating either age, or perhaps a touch of mirth. The necklace is quite elaborate consisting of two separate bands and a rosette in the center. This man was most likely an important official who appears noble and dignified, and also someone who possessed a gentle sense of humor. – (PF.2268)

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