Prehistoric Fossilized Skull of a Bull

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500 BC to 250 BC


9.0″ (22.9cm) high x 15.0″ (38.1cm) wide





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Fossils are among the most fascinating remnants of the natural world as it existed before mankind first walked the earth. Fossils provide invaluable clues as to how the world looked in the past, from the animals that walked, ran, and swam, to the plants that grew and flowered. From fossil records, we can trace the evolutions of species and the climate changes of specific regions. From towering reconstructions of dinosaur bones to simple impressions of leaves recorded in shards of stone, fossils have the rare ability to inspire the awe of both scientists and children alike. However, modern scholars were not the first ones to notice the significance of fossils, as is evident from this fossilized bull skull discovered in an Ancient Egyptian tomb. Egypt, specifically the desert oasis of Fayoum, is one of the best sources of prehistoric fossils in all of Africa. It is well known that the Ancient Egyptians worshipped deities in the form of animals. Might they have thought that such a fossilized skull might have represented the earthly remains of one of their gods? Surely the priests and scribes would have realized the significance of such finds. The presence of this fossilized skull in an Ancient Egyptian tomb reveals that the past of Egypt dates back far before the pharaohs first ruled over this famed land.

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