Polychrome Kneeling Male Sculpture

SKU PF.4275

500 AD to 800 AD


11.75″ (29.8cm) high




Costa Rica

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The realistic depiction of this kneeling male shows the obvious ingenuity of the artist to create a work of art that is anatomically correct. This figure is covered in tattoos of tribal prints in geometric patterns. The intricate work of the body art and powerful pronounced face mark this man to be one of wealth and nobility. He has a tremendous strength and seriousness about him. His arms are well rounded and lie directly upon his legs. He has an aquiline nose and almond shaped eyes painted black and surrounded by red eyelids. His facial features are incredibly expressive. He has slightly raised cheeks and a protruding jaw. The most striking quality of this man is the visibility of the genitalia. This is not pornography that the western world is quick to label, but rather a symbol of nobility and power this man had amongst other members in the tribe.

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