Pair of Gold Earrings Featuring Two Silver Coins of King Alexander the Great

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336 BC to 323 BC


Gold, Silver



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These Ancient Coins Have Been Set in a Pair Modern 18 Karat Gold Earrings.
More than money, coins are symbols of the state that struck them. Currency represents a specific time and place, whether products of the age we live in today or an artifact of a long forgotten empire. Worth a month’s pay, a silver coin like this would have rewarded the bravery and fortitude of the officers serving under one of history’s most celebrated generals, Alexander the Great. Son to King Phillip II of Macedon, tutored in his youth by Aristotle, Alexander conquered one of the largest empires the world has ever known. Marching from Egypt, through Asia Minor, and into the heart of central Asia, Alexander lead a swift and successful military campaign that defeated the potent Persians and stretched the edges of civilization into new lands. While his vast empire dissolved after his death, the carefully cultivated legend of Alexander will continue to live on not only in our history books and museums, but also in artifacts like this coin: concrete remnants of ancient empires passed from the hands of civilization to civilization, from generation to generation.
The glories of antiquity shine again with renewed brilliance and luster. Alexander is among the most celebrated and enduring figures of history. The legend surrounding this great figure becomes reality when wearing this pair of earrings. The past literally comes alive. These ancient coins are not a relic of the past displayed behind glass in a museum; but mounted in these earrings, they become a stunning centerpiece appreciated for their age as much as their beauty and superior craftsmanship. – (FJ.6722)

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