Pair of Gold Earrings Featuring Bronze Coins of Emperor Constantius I

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305 AD to 306 AD


Bronze, Gold


Holy Land

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Constantius I was the father of the illustrious Constantine I (surnamed the “Great”). On the establishment of the tetrachy Diocletian appointed him Caesar, after which he took charge of Gaul (France). Following a long series of battles and many victories Constantius arrived in Britain where he showed mercy and restored its defenses. His son was freed from captivity, having been held by Galerius Augustus, and fled to Britain in time to help his father in his last battle against the Picts. Afterwards, Constantine I was proclaimed emperor by the army at York. Despite later propaganda by his proud son, Constantius I was known as an able general and a generous ruler. This beautiful bronze coin shows the very powerful profile of a strong warrior, with a thick beard finely trimmed and wearing a laurel wreath. The legend reads FL. VAL. CONSTANTIVS NOB. CAES, meaning the coin was minted while he was Caesar (Ca. A.D. 293-305). This striking coin presents the boldness and wealth that epitomized the Roman Empire, suitable to someone who possesses their own strength of character. – (FJ.5953)

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