Nursing Seated Female

SKU PF.3972

500 AD to 1000 AD


9″ (22.9cm) high




Costa Rica

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Sculpted with care and precision, this beautiful item depicts the tenderness and tremendous bond created in the act of nursing. Here the mother is shown nursing two children simultaneously, one at each breast. As she sits, supporting them with her hands, they hold onto her with affection. The designs on her body are varied and geometrical, of which some are copied onto the children. The blackened earthenware accentuates the line, making other decoration unnecessary. The mothers face is expressive revealing contentment, mirrored by her children. Behind her is a vessel that is attached to her back, which would carry supplies for the family. In this creation, the artist has achieved a vision of the family unit, content and satisfied demonstrating motherhood at its best.

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