Mixtec Terracotta Incensario in the Form of a Deity

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1200 AD to 1400 AD


20″ (50.8cm) high




Pueblo, Mexico

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The face on this immensely powerful figure captures our attention, with an open mouth giving us a smile. He seems to be laughing at a secret that only he knows. The tremendous amount of jewelry he is adorned with denotes how important he must have been to this culture. The bracelets, wide collar, sandals with well defined knots, and large ear spools show his wealth in this community as well. This anthropomorphic vessel was used as an incense burner. It most probably represents one Mexican deity in the Late Post-Classical Mixteca-Puebla style. This statue is marvelously rich with energy and highly complex mythology. This enigmatic work of art is a masterpiece of composition graced with the eternal qualities of mystery and beauty. – (PF.3262)

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