Middle Bronze Age Terracotta Footed Vessel

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1900 BC to 1700 BC


5″ (12.7cm) high





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In the time of the patriarch Abraham, this vessel might have held ointments or perfumes, or perhaps an offering of wine or honey. In Genesis it says that Abraham anointed Isaac with oil, perhaps from a jug like this. As we hold it in our hands today, admiring its simple beauty, we are aware of the touch of other hands long ago. Who might have held it when it was new? Were the dreams and emotions that guided their lives so very different from our own? The vessel's graceful unadorned shape appeals as much to the contemporary eye as it did to the culture that created it. Such artifacts, ordinary enough in their own age, connect us in an intimate way with the world of the past. In its presence, the centuries melt away and the imagination sets out on a journey of discovery.

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