Mezcala Stone Face Panel Pendant

SKU PF.3299

500 BC to 100 BC


4.25″ (10.8cm) high




Guererro, Mexico

Gallery Location

S Korea


This pendant is so abstract that it should be judged by its vitality as well as its beauty. The cheeks, lips, nose and eyebrows are merely suggested by subtle, swelling grooves. Was this created for a special shaman or nobility to wear around his or her neck? Are these subtle features an actual representation of a person or merely an idealization of Mezeala beauty? This sculpture has an inherent energy independent of what it represents. The way the artist conveyed this energy was by suggesting rather than imitating reality. This way of conveying energy became unique to this area of Ancient Meso-America referred to as Mezeala. It has its own unique language of space and monumental form regardless of its size. The language and energy of this pendant comes across with such force that it summons our undivided attention.

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