Mayan Carved Bowl

SKU PF.3201

500 AD to 900 AD


5.5″ (14.0cm) high





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Conveyers of cultural information as well as beautiful objects in their own right, Mayan art, such as this extraordinary carved ceramic bowl, are imbued with a power and spirit that is truly remarkable. Although the glyphic language of Mayan art is relatively foreign to us, it nevertheless conveys incredible messages to our senses. In this carved Mayan bowl, we experience not only the visual beauty of the designs that surround the outer surface of the bowl, but also the tactile sensation of the glyphs’ raised relief. A further addition to the beauty of this bowl can be seen in the dramatic display of polychrome color on the raised glyphs and the use of resist, or negative-painted, swirling decoration on the bottom. Along with the very rare and special thinness to this bowl, this striking masterpiece of Mayan art communicates powerfully with the modern world, while at the same time transmitting the refined artistic life of the ancient Maya in all its fascinating detail.

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