Late Nazca Painted Human Effigy Jug

SKU K.092

300 AD to 500 AD


7″ (17.8cm) high




Southern Coast of Peru

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Except for the nose, all the features on this charming jug are painted directly on the surface. Though there are no overt sexual characteristics, the rounded contours of the jug suggest a feminine presence, perhaps even a goddess. Her dark hair flows out behind her, she wears facial paint, and her ochre-colored hands are depicted in a broad impressionistic style. Around her neck, she wears a multi-stranded necklace, perhaps of shell or even gold. As we take pleasure in her company, we are reminded of some ancient woman who long ago held this jug and poured out its contents. As our fingers rest where hers did, the connection between our world and hers is a direct one.

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