Late Bronze Age Terracotta Pilgrim’s Flask

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1500 BC to 1250 BC


6″ (15.2cm) high x 4.5″ (11.4cm) wide




Hebron, Israel

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In the Holy Land, where wells are few and far between, the water flask was an essential part of every traveler's equipment. With a flattened circular body and handles through which a cord could be passed, such flasks could be suspended from the shoulder to refresh the traveler on long journeys. In Samuel, the story is told of how David found King Saul sleeping in a cave. Though Saul was pursuing him with evil intent, David refused to harm the king. Instead, to demonstrate his mercy, David took only Saul's spear and the water flask near the king's head. That flask no doubt closely resembled this graceful one. As we hold this vessel in our hands today, we cannot help but wonder who drank from it so long ago.

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