Lapis Lazuli Cameo Depicting Arethusa

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1800 AD to 1900 AD


Lapis Lazuli



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Arethusa was one of the female followers of the goddess Artemis. Legend says that Alpheus, the -god of a river by that name in the Peloponnese (Greece), fell in love with the beautiful nymph. He turned himself into a hunter to follow her more easily, but fearing his advances, she fled to Sicily. Arethusa was a virgin, and wishing to remain so, she prayed to her protectress Artemis to save her. She was immediately enveloped in a cloud and changed into a spring to elude her pursuer. Undaunted, Alpheus reverted to his supernatural form in order to mingle his waters with hers and be forever united. The image of Arethusa appears on Sicilian coins, and is depicted on this charming cameo wearing a veil over her flowing locks of hair. The blue of the stone perfectly reflects the character of this lovely water nymph. – (FJ.6515)

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