La Nan Bronze Sculpture of a Seated Buddha Forming the Bhumisparsa Mudra

SKU PF.2505

1368 AD to 1644 AD


26.75″ (67.9cm) high




Northern Thailand

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Serenely poised with the ritual hand gesture of Bhumisparsa mudra, or “calling the earth to witness,” this stunning bronze Buddha sits atop a beautiful stepped throne shaped in the form of a lotus flower. His legs are folded in the characteristic Virasana position with the right leg over the left, soles turned upwards against his thighs. A softly modeled round face is framed by ear pendants and a crown of peppercorn curls topped by a prominent ushnisa, or cranial protuberance, one of the distinguishing markings of the Buddha. Ornamentation on the bronze Buddha’s body highlights the noble lines of this exalted figure, while his meditative facial features enhance his salient mystical qualities. To behold this bronze sculpture of the Buddha is to experience an artistic expression that truly transcends the world of mere mortals. – (PF.2505)

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