Khmer Bronze Figure of the Buddha

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1200 AD to 1350 AD


18″ (45.7cm) high





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Religions are often associated with magnificent and opulent vestments- men of pomp and grandeur, jade and amethyst. In poly and monotheistic cultures alike, the high ranking members of the church have adorned themselves and their sanctuaries. Buddhism too, despite its strict mandates of poverty, has had its share of lavish ornament shed upon its statues and its buildings. But the Buddha, even in his most opulent and grand of forms, has always managed to retain the composure of a humble and gentle spiritual councilor. The intricate layout of his hair beneath his crown, and most of all his stretched ears, place this particular Buddha’s origin within the civilization of the Khmer. His brow gentle, his hands raised in a perpetual state of yielding meditation; this figure gives us a sense of completeness and understanding. His carefully wrought face is truly stunning in its detail. His thick lips, long, delicate eye-lids, and crescent shaped cheek-bones all ensure us that the artist’s conception of the Buddha was unique and personal. In this sculpture we find the simplicity and complete content of an abstemious individual, almost paradoxically immortalized in sumptuous bronze. The magnificence of his metal and the skill of his craft cannot, however, detract from his calm and pensive demeanor. For those who pursue both peace and incredible beauty in a single work of art, this Buddha is a rare treasure.

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