Islamic Bronze Ewer


11th Century AD to 13th Century AD


14″ (35.6cm) high x 7.5″ (19.1cm) wide




Central Asia

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BRASS, RAISED AND WELDED WITH ENGRAVED DECORATION The cylindrical slightly upward opening body rests on a raised round base and on top ter- minates in fluted shoulder, the top is flat and the cylindrical neck has a collar at its lower part and on top is a high semi-opened spout. Opposite a straight flat handle is attached which on top has a conical thumb-piece with a knob at its apex. The body is decorated on one side with a round medallion and opposite by a three-lobed cartouche, both with floral designs. An epigraphic band with foliated Kufic runs around below the shoulder and a similar one on the flat top. Comparative material: Survey of Persian Art (abbreviated SPA), Oxford, 1939 and Tokyo, 1964-65, plate 1282/A; Ewer signed by Tahir Ali, cf. The Unity of ISLAMIC ART, Riyadh, 1405/1985,, p.107. Oriental Splendour, Islamic Art from German Private Collections, Hamburg, 1993, cat. no.99, pp.156- 57. AD39 Prof. Geza Fehervari Prof. Geoffrey King

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