Inlaid Gilt Bronze Bowl

SKU FZ.304

1200 AD to 1400 AD


1.5″ (3.8cm) high x 8.75″ (22.2cm) wide


Gilt Bronze



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With imagery reminiscent of a time when medieval knights fought with unparalleled valor, this stunning inlaid bowl sets our imagination spinning on a magical journey back in time. On the interior of the bowl we see the dramatic rendering of medieval characters doing battle with one another as well as with mythological creatures, whose formidable features blend with intricately detailed scroll work, much like that of an ancient illuminated manuscript. A roundel in the center of the bowl, framed by interlocking arches, further enhances the medieval spirit by suggesting to us the interior dome of a magnificent European cathedral. Inlaid patterning in the form of small arches and slats placed along the interior perimeter of the bowl echoes the effect of stained glass windows that might border a cathedral's ceiling. As we experience the fascinating images and patterns on this beautiful bowl we are transported to a world marked by the magnificence of heraldry, pomp and circumstance, both secular and ecclesiastical in nature…a time when the natural and the supernatural wove the intricate pattern of life, much like the patterns within this magnificent inlaid bowl.

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