Hematite Intaglio depicting a Roman Empress

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1700 AD to 1900 AD


1.5″ (3.8cm) high





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Mounted in a stunning 18 karat gold pendant.

The art of glyptics, carving on colored semiprecious stones, is possibly one of the oldest art forms known to man. Intaglios, gems with an incised design, were made as early as the fourth and third millennia B.C. In Mesopotamia and the Aegean islands, their virtuosity of execution suggesting an old tradition rooted in the earlier centuries. However, the gems from ancient Greece and Rome are worthy of special interest for it was then and there that the expressive and aesthetic language of glyptics was truly born. It was also during this period that portrait gems emerged. This classical revival hematite intaglio, depicting the bust of a Roman empress, evidences this classic tradition of skilled carving, and the portrayal of an emotional intensity that is indeed exceptional. This elegant intaglio, set in a gold pendant that complements its ageless beauty, is a testament to the heritage of stone sculpting–an artistry whose grandness belies the small scale of the finished work of art. The wearer of this pendant will experience both a spirited connectedness with the ancient world and a feeling of regal beauty that equals the intrinsic beauty of this exquisite work of art.

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