Hellenistic Bronze Helmet

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300 BC to 100 BC


7.25″ (18.4cm) high x 8″ (20.3cm) wide





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An advanced helmet, evolved from the Cornithan type, providing better hearing and vision for the wearer; the fully open face (minus the earlier nose guard) allowed for a greater field of vision during battle, while the curved cheek pieces still provided protection for the side of the face. The ears were protected also by these cheek pieces, with added bosses with drilled holes to allow for better hearing. The neck protector is slightly shorter than earlier helmets, but this allowed for a more comfortable placement of the head, while also making the helmet lighter and less bulky. The hemispherical dome of the top of the helmet would have given a greater stability during wear as it sat closer to the skull. It is decorated with two raised bands, and at the front of the helmet are three drilled holes where a further decorative band would have been attached. At the back of the helmet is a further attachment where a decorative horsehair may have been attached to denote rank or placement within a battle formation.

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