Grey Stone Stele of Padmapani

SKU OF.257

17 th Century AD to 18 th Century AD


4.4″ (11.2cm) high x 3.0″ (7.6cm) wide





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Hong Kong


On this stele, Padmapani stands elegantly with his right hand held in a boon-bestowing charity gesture, his left hand holds the edge of his garment, as well as the stem of a lotus flower which grows beside his arm and stretches upon his shoulder. Wearing a long dhoti, he is adorned in jewellery including a crown, earrings, necklace and armbands. In the background is a fiery halo and a decorated frame. This stele has pronounced features of both Kashmiri and Pala style, harmoniously blending the two together. The highly decorated patterns on the background pays homage to Hindu-Buddhist Pala’s expressive style, while the high crown and the slender body shape are fundamental characteristics of Kashmiri Buddhist art.
Padmapani is one of the most prominent forms of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara popularised among Asia form around 9th Century CE. Depicted as a peaceful male deity, seated or standing, wearing a crown, jewels and heavenly garments, holding a flower, or stem of a flower in the left hand that blossoms at the level of the shoulder. – (OF.257)

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