Gold Ring Featuring a New Kingdom Scarab Seal

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1575 BC to 1087 BC



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is genuine ancient scarab seal was found in Israel and has been mounted in a gold ring dating from the 1930’s that imitates the style of New Kingdom jewelry.
The scarab beetle of ancient Egypt is an emblem of the creator Kheper. The word “Kepher” denotes being, existence, creation or becoming. The god Khepera is the self-existent maker of all things. The worship of the scarab, which is symbolic of resurrection and fertility, dates form the earliest period of civilization in Egypt. It was thought that a scarab beetle rolled the orb of the sun across the sky, and a winged scarab was associated with dawn and rebirth. In the ritual of mummification, a scarab replaced the heart. Carved scarabs served two major functions: as amulets with protective and religious powers and as a personal seal which designated the property and authority of the individual whose name was placed upon it. In both cases the power ascribed to the scarab was very great. In life it served as the signature of their owner and was thought to bring prosperity and in the afterlife it insured continuous re-birth through eternity.
This scarab is inscribed with a circle design. The design consists of a series of concentric circles. One set is in the middle, while the remaining slightly larger sets form a frame. A pair of lotuses emanates from each side of the center set. The lotus flower symbolized new life. The child sun god Nefertem is depicted seated on a lotus or with a lotus on top of his head. – (S.219)

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