Gold Ring Featuring a Roman Carnelian Intaglio Depicting Minerva and Fortuna

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100 AD to 300 AD





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This genuine Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio has been mounted in a modern 18 karat gold ring set with 69 genuine diamonds weighing a total of 3.12 carats.

This lovely roman gem depicts two of the most prominent deities of the classical world. Athena, called Minerva by the Romans, was Goddess of wisdom and war. She is shown wearing armor and holding aloft the laurel wreath of victory. Fortuna, goddess of luck and success, holds the cornucopia, the horn of plenty signifying wealth and abundance. The person who wore this superb intaglio at the height of the Roman Empire must surely have triumphed in all of life's endeavors. The person fortunate enough to wear it today in its magnificent jeweled setting is certain to enjoy a triumph all their own.

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