Gold Ring Featuring a Byzantine Gold Coin of Emperor Heraclius

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610 AD to 641 AD




Eastern Mediterranean

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This genuine Ancient Byzantine gold coin has been set in a modern 18 karat gold ring.

Heraclius came to power in 610 A.D. following a successful revolt in North Africa against the tyrannical rule of the Emperor Focas. His son Heraclius Constantine was elevated to joint rule in 613 A.D. Heraclius’ most spectacular military achievement was the total defeat of Rome’s old enemy on the eastern frontier, the Sassanid Persians. Unfortunately, this only facilitated the Arab conquest of Persia and the eastern provinces of the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantines lost Syria and Palestine before Heraclius died in early 641 A.D. and Egypt fell to the Arabs soon after.
This stunning ring evokes the glory and beauty of the Byzantine era. The gold of the ring and the gold of the coin both complement each other. Together, the two hues merge into a lustrous splendor of precious metal. On the obverse of the coin, Emperor Heraclius is depicted along with his son Heraclius Constantine who stands beside him. On the reverse, a cross is shown raised upon a stepped platform. There is an eternal splendor to this ring, a beauty that radiates from within the coin and envelopes the gold setting. To wear this ring is to evoke the spirit of change. For although time changes and the world evolves, true beauty and elegance as defined by this ring are eternal and immune to the fancies and whims of individual tastes.

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