Gold Pendant Featuring a Silver Tetradrachm of King Philip III Arrhidaeus

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323 BC to 317 BC





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This genuine ancient coin has been mounted in a stunning modern 18 karat gold pendant studded with diamonds and a ruby.

Minted by the successor of Alexander the Great, this exquisite coin evokes the wealth and glory of the classical world at its height. On one side it bears the youthful head of the hero Herakles, while on the reverse Zeus, King Of The Gods, is shown enthroned in majesty. The glow of the ancient silver is set to perfection by the radiant fire of diamonds, the sheen of gold, and the rich red of ruby. This splendid jewel would have caused a sensation in the palaces of ancient Alexandria or Antioch; it is certain to be equally dazzling wherever it is worn today.

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